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A Beginners Guide to Paid Online Surveys

In simpler words, paid surveys are a type of survey where a marketing company is looking for honest responses from respondents. The respondents, in turn, get paid for their responses.

If you are wondering why paid surveys are conducted or maybe you want to take a paid survey, you must keep reading this article. In this article, we will give you a complete rundown that will act as a guide for you.

Why paid surveys are conducted?

Most businesses reach their potential customers by promoting their products and services correctly. They can only do this if they have a good idea about the potential market and the customers, their shopping habits, buying preferences, and more.

Paid online surveys give these businesses and marketing companies a chance to explore the market and potential customer base. For the honest responses from the respondents, these companies will reward them in the form of incentives and rewards.


Also, most businesses are opting for online marketing channels. Paid online surveys give them a great way to know the different aspects of their market and customer base. With these online surveys, it is easier for you to give your honest opinions regarding product features or innovations. In turn, you get rewarded in the form of points that can be cashed out for gift cards or vouchers. Also, as these surveys are online, you can access them from anywhere anytime.


These are the reasons why online paid surveys have become a popular and easier way to reach out to a potential customer base. Especially those who want to give their honest opinions for the products in return for small rewards.


Paid Online Surveys: How do you get paid?

You can get paid to take surveys in the form of gift cards, vouchers, charity donations, and more. Each website has its way of rewarding the survey takers. Most survey websites use PayPal as their tool for payment of rewards to the respondents. Since the platform is simple and easy to use, you can easily register and get your reward points.


Paid Online Surveys: Are they legit?

Yes, paid online surveys are very legit if you do it with a legitimate survey website. Pre-screened respondents are also known as online research panels, online survey panels, or online research communities. These are those respondents who are willing to give their honest opinions for a survey.

Such respondent community panels can be specific to a brand or for a third-party panel. Once you register yourself on these panels, you become a panellist. You will be invited for any upcoming paid surveys.

If you thought that such panels only want experienced survey respondents, you are mistaken! Survey panels welcome anybody who wants to give an honest opinion for a reward. In fact, most survey takers are common people such as students, retired individuals, stay-at-home parents, or working adults who want to earn some extra money. So, you can also be one of them if you want to earn some extra by taking part in these surveys.


Paid Online Surveys: How much money can you make?

Making money by participating in surveys is quite simple. However, the amount of money that you will make by paid surveys depends entirely on how many surveys you complete, and the number of rewards points you get on completion. Based on the length, complexity, and type of survey, the reward points are awarded.


Also, you will find certain websites making a bold claim of making a lot of money with paid surveys. However, such is not the case. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about paid surveys. Several websites make paid online surveys look like you can take it up as a full-time job and earn your living. But this is not true! Sure, you can earn a few extra bucks, but you can’t make enough money to support your living. Having a steady paycheck is better than no money.


Another thing you must know is that you might not qualify for every survey that you are invited to. There will be several surveys that will look for a specific demographic and you might not qualify for those. The best way to increase your chances of taking a greater number of surveys is by filling your profile as accurately as possible. This will allow the panel websites to identify your profiles as per the surveys and send you an email invite.


Yes, most survey websites will send you an email invite, so, keep an eye out for such mails. Also, these mail invites sometimes expire after a certain period. So, be vigilant and proactive to notice these minute details and taking up a survey as soon as you get an invite. Since these surveys are online, you can take them from anywhere anytime.


Paid Online Surveys: When can you get paid?

You don’t get paid immediately for legitimate paid online survey sites. You need to wait to earn enough reward points that can be converted to cash rewards, vouchers, gifts, or other reward systems. The greater number of surveys you can complete, the faster you can gather the points and the more you can earn.


Paid Online Surveys: Are they a scam?

This is one of the frequently asked questions by people on the Internet. The truth is that not all survey websites are a scam. There are legitimate survey websites that fulfil all the claims they make. Here are a few things that you must notice to identify a potential scam website.


  • If a website is asking for you to give membership fees upfront, you must avoid that website at all costs. Legitimate survey websites will never ask you to pay any fees.
  • If a website makes a bold claim of high winnings and such, you should stay away from such websites.
  • You must also carefully read the testimonials. If the earnings shown in the testimonials are too good to be true, don’t register at the website.
  • If a survey website is asking for your sensitive information such as your social security number, bank account details, you must avoid these websites. Legitimate websites will never ask you for such information.
  • Also, survey websites that are going overboard with the reward points or freebies, you must avoid.
  • Legitimate survey websites will never spam you with emails. They will ensure that your personal information is kept confidential.

Paid Online Surveys: Which is the best?

Survey panel websites such as Toluna, Opinion World, and more are some of the best survey panel websites for you to register. Once you have registered with these survey panels, they will invite you to take part in surveys using an email invite or through a mobile app notification.

You can complete the survey and earn reward points that can be cashed out for gift coupons, vouchers, and other reward systems.


Exploring Paid Online Surveys

Once you start exploring paid online surveys, you will find several legitimate online survey websites where you can register. Participating in online surveys is surely not the best way to earn your living but you can certainly earn some extra income over your steady paycheck.

Finding the best survey panel websites can be difficult. But with legitimate survey panel website marketplaces, you can find the best websites for taking surveys.

You will certainly earn monetary awards but besides that as a survey taker, you will also learn new things and gain knowledge about topics that you would not pay attention to otherwise. You will also get information about different product designs and the overall marketing process. If you are someone who has opinions and ways to make certain products better, your voices and opinions will be heard and recognized through these survey websites.



Paid online surveys are one of the best ways to earn extra income over your steady paycheck. With the money earned from online paid surveys, you can bridge the gap between your daily expenditure and paycheck.

Of course, when you start taking legitimate surveys, the progress will be slow. You might have to take numerous surveys to earn reward points. But once you have earned enough reward points, you can cash them out and reap the benefits. Initially, you might have certain doubts about survey websites. But if you keep some of the following points in your mind, you will be able to make the most out of it.

  • Make sure you join a legitimate survey panel website.
  • Make sure you know that how the survey company is paying you.
  • Always keep your profile with the survey companies up to date. This will increase your chances of participating in surveys.
  • Most survey websites will send you an invite to participate in the survey. Make sure you respond to these invites quickly.
  • Give honest answers to your surveys. This will increase the credibility of your profile, thus, increasing your chances of getting more surveys.
  • Make sure you are realistic, patient, and don’t give up.

So, start taking legitimate paid online surveys right away by registering on survey panel websites.