How does SurveyNow work?

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Complete your details on a short registration form and you’re on your way to earning rewards for completing online surveys. Keep an eye on your inbox, we’ll send a weekly newsletter where you can find out if any new surveys have been loaded.

Survey On

Survey on

Whenever a new survey is loaded, you can complete it online and earn rewards for each one. Some surveys are short and will only take two minutes to complete, longer surveys will have a greater reward though. It is essential that you’re always honest when taking part in an online survey in order to give companies accurate information.

Cash In

Cash in

You will have your own dashboard where you can keep track of the online surveys you have completed and the rewards you’ve earned. Your rewards will vary according to the number of surveys you’ve completed and the length of these surveys. The more you do, the more you earn!

What are online surveys?

Companies and organizations have used the internet for many years to conduct research. As the world wide web grows larger and larger, it becomes more and more attractive for companies to conduct online research as it’s possible to reach thousands of panelists in days.

Companies are willing to pay for research because it helps them release better products, market their product better and, ultimately, be more profitable.

That’s where SurveyNow comes in. We have become known as one the world’s leading online survey platforms and we make it easy for any company or organization to gain access to thousands of committed online panelists. 


You, the panelist, know us as a reputable company that provide regular online surveys and reward you for the time you take to complete these online surveys honestly.

Ultimately, everyone wins. You get an opportunity to earn money by simply answering online surveys and organizations get the information they need. It is important to note that honesty is key in this process.

Join the SurveyNow community now and start earning rewards immediately. We have many online surveys waiting to be completed.



My SurveyNow journey has been great so far. I joined six months ago as a panelist and have since earned multiple rewards just for completing a few surveys. Thank you!

Kaye Samson


For once, something that sounds too good to be true, isn’t. I wasn’t sure if SurveyNow was legit when I first joined but they have proved their worth by always paying my rewards.

Conrad Smith