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11 Tips That Will Help You to Qualify For More Surveys

Are you interested in taking a paid survey online? Do you always get the message ‘you don’t qualify for this survey’ every time you try to take paid online surveys


If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons why you get disqualified from taking a paid online survey. And we will also go a step further and tell you 11 tips to ensure that you don’t get disqualified in the future. We have created this list of tips after our years of experience in analysing different paid online surveys. 


Let’s get started, shall we?


Let’s get one thing clear. There is no single magic trick to qualify for every survey online. Each survey is different and has been created for different purposes. So, if you intend to qualify for every paid online survey there is, that is certainly not possible. 

However, most people who take online surveys get disqualified (DQ-ed) mid-way of answering the survey questions. And when this happens, most people think that the online survey website is a scam. Although, such is not the case. 


Disqualification of survey takers like yours happens because the businesses starting this survey are looking for certain demographic information for which you don’t qualify. 


But the next question you might have is that if such is the case, why were you offered the survey in the first place for the information that has been given by you in your profile? 


Reasons for being DQ-ed

There are two reasons why someone can get DQ-ed from taking a paid online survey. 

  • Adequate Sample Seeking for Representation

Most businesses want to collect data from an adequate sample for representation. For example, a survey wants to collect information from 50% of men and 50% of women. Once the survey has gathered the required number of responses from the sample, any other men or women trying to access the survey will be DQ-ed. 

  • No matching answers

Several paid online surveys ask for a set of qualifying questions. These questions are meant to determine whether the survey taker is serious and concentrating on answering the survey. 

If the answer to the qualifying questions doesn’t match your profile, you will get DQ-ed from the surveys. This is important because the survey websites have a responsibility towards their clients to bring the right demographic for the survey. 

Therefore, you might get DQ-ed from taking a survey. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce your chances of getting disqualified. 

11 Ways to Ensure Qualification in Paid Online Surveys

If you want to reduce your chances of getting disqualified from paid online surveys, here 11 tips on how you can achieve that. 

  1. Register at the finest paid survey websites

One thing is for sure that not every paid survey website is made equal. Some websites will provide far more surveys than others. 

Some websites will have sophisticated procedures for surveys. Some survey websites have a long and extensive registration process that might deter you from following through. 

So, the key is to register at one or more of the best place to take surveys for money. This will ensure you have more chances of qualifying for a paid survey online. Certain websites also pay a compensation fee if you get disqualified.

  1. Taking an affiliate survey? Pay more attention!

When you start taking paid surveys, you will notice that several survey websites have collaboration with some third-party survey websites also known as affiliates. 

These affiliates will be connected to you via survey routers such as Dynata, Peanut Labs, Cint, and others. When you take these affiliate surveys, you will be paid on your main survey account. However, these affiliate websites don’t have full access to your survey profile. 

Hence, you might get disqualified in such surveys. The more online survey you take, you will realize there is a pattern. You can identify such affiliates and avoid taking surveys from such websites.

  1. Register at survey sites that never disqualify

Although the number of such websites is low, there are a few that will never disqualify you while taking a survey. However, there is a downside. You might have to spend more time finishing your profile and you might get a lesser number of surveys. 

You can check out survey websites such as YouGov, Pinecone Research, and Paid Viewpoint. Also, certain websites pay a compensation fee for disqualification.

  1. Look for whether the survey website offers surveys for your country

One thing that is quite common amongst the survey websites is that they offer paid online surveys in certain countries only. Despite that, they will allow you to register on their website anyway.

This is especially true for websites that allow some paid micro-activities such as watching videos, playing a game, and others. However, they will disqualify you from every survey that isn’t offered in your country. 

So, make sure to check if the surveys on the website are offered in your country or not.

  1. Look for shorter surveys

You can also look for shorter-length surveys on the website. This is possible as certain websites offer you filters to sort the available surveys such as the length, pay out, popularity, and more. 

You can filter the survey based on the length and choose the ones that give a greater pay out per minute.

  1. Avoid using VPN

Survey websites can detect if you are using a VPN to bypass certain restricted features such as location or others. They can disqualify you from every survey or block you from taking part any further.

  1. Disable ad-blocker

If you have an ad blocker, make sure to disable it while registering and taking a survey on legitimate paid online surveys websites. Ad blockers make it difficult for websites to collect your answer and data.

Certain websites might disqualify you if you use adblocker. If you are concerned about cookie trading, you can simply use in-Cognito mode with your ad blocker disabled.

  1. Don’t use public networks

If you take surveys from public networks such as at schools, libraries, work, you can be disqualified. This is because most of these public networks use a VPN or ad-blocker. 

Now, if you don’t have a computer and rely on a public network system, this is unfortunate. But you can ensure that you use the same computer terminal, same library location to avoid getting DQ-ed.

  1. Complete your profile in detail

Yes, this is of the utmost importance too. Make sure to complete your profile on the survey website thoroughly. This will ensure that you get most surveys hosted by the website. Keep the information up to date and make changes if some new information crops up. Also, make sure that your answers to qualifying questions match your profile.

  1. Take your time

Don’t give a survey hastily. Instead, take your time to answer your questions. Be careful when you are answering the qualifying questions. One wrong answer and you will be DQ-ed. That’s why it is suggested that if you have undergone a major change such as getting married, had kids, make sure to update this information on your profile.

  1. Be quick to take surveys

As soon as the survey is offered on the website, you must try to answer it. This will ensure that lesser people like you have taken the survey. You can get notified of the release of a new survey by switching on email or push notifications.

If the survey website offers a survey app, make sure you download it so that you can get notified about the start of a survey immediately.


If you are earning some extra income by taking paid online surveys, getting DQ-ed is certainly annoying. But you need to remember that every job on this planet has got some annoying aspects. The best way is to find the solutions to these issues so that you can make the most of them. 

These 11 tips will certainly help you reduce your disqualification instances and allow you to partake in several surveys on the best survey websites. Have fun and make money!